Taiko Audio Extreme installation in an upper echelon, recently upgraded high-end audio system with the first pair of Stenheim Reference Ultimate in the USA. Custom colors with active crossover and motorized MTM section driven by CH Precision electronics and MSB Technology Select DAC. A small system is Enigma Acoustics, Ypsilon Phaethon, Merging Nadac and Merging Power, and GRIMM MU1. All cables are Audioquest Dragon to Audioquest 5000 and 7000 USB cable is Intona ULTIMATE. 

ETHERNET cable is Audioquest Diamond to Gigafoil v4. CD Transport is CEC TL 3N, racks are HRS VXR with M3X2 isolation bases. 

Installation of TAIKO EXTREME by Perrotta Audio Bethel, Conn. and Stenheim and CH Precision from Sound by Singer, New York, N.Y.