VEDDAN uses a completely new, self-developed technique in all its speakers. The different design principles have come together in the Ultra Fast Membrane module. Each UFM module contains a membrane about half the thickness of a human hair. When this membrane is set in motion, it transforms a music signal (like a flow of electrons) into precise sound waves. By keeping its weight as low as possible and the motor driving the module as strong as possible, it easily follows the fast transients. This ensures a colorless and extremely detailed implementation.

VEDDAN sound module

This module covers 99.5% of the frequencies between 20Hz to 24kHz. In fact, this module can be seen as a replacement for the mid and treble speakers from traditional speakers. 

The big difference, however, is that in this case there is no electric filter between the two inverters, which means less distortion of your music. Only the very lowest bass frequencies, for which you would use a subwoofer in a traditional speaker, are covered by an inverter with a conventional cone. These subs are tailor-made to our demands.

Also the placement of the different modules, in a circle around an imaginary axis in the center of the speaker, has been done for a reason. Because the air pressure between the different modules remains the same during the conversion of music signals to sound waves, they are sent at exactly the same time. This, combined with the large surface area of ​​the modules, ensures extremely low distortion rates. In combination with the high dynamics, it provides a natural sound reproduction with very fast impulse response.

Each element is handcrafted with the utmost care and tested in our sound room to ensure maximum and consistent performance. We do everything to ensure that you not only hear the music: You can even feel it! Close your eyes and dream away with your favorite artist. Can you hear the locations of the different instruments?



  • Black/silver – White/silver
  • Full black – Full white
  • Custom designs on request
  • 40 kg (88,18 lbs)
  • Height: 130 cm (51,18 inch)
  • Diameter: 30 cm (11,81 inch)


  • Woofer in an airtight cilinder, 20 VEDDAN sound elements, radial placed.


  • 20 – 24.000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)


  • 150 Hz


  • 115 dB


  • Modified latest generation Class D Amplifier for lower hysteresis distortion.
  • Max. power: 1500 Watt per speaker


  • <1.0 % at 40 – 150 Hz
  • <0.1 % at 150 Hz – 24 kHz


  • Wired Balanced XLR line input and unbalanced with a special cable or plug.
  • Wireless Sound and Audio (WiSA): 24bit, 96kHz losless digital audio transmission.