A sneak peek at the making of the Arteluthe 10th-anniversary speaker model. In all photos, you can see the 3rd prototype. Here are Robert Gaboury’s comments. “Each change requires a new complete set of parts. The challenge is immense: make a loudspeaker that can be fully taken apart, rebuilt, modified, upgradeable as many times as required. Future proof.”

“The scribbles on the sides are design note, each is a small change required. Then we make new parts, and start over until perfect.

Strings for grill (thank you Franco Serblin). We find the spacing correct, but we'll slightly increase diameter of the strands. Of course, this is a prototype, and many others will follow as we test fit, assembly procedure, then surface treatment, polishing, plating, lacquering...

The "horn" part on the tweeter does not have the correct curvature yet. At this time we try to validate the "no visible screw" assembly

We need to build many of those prototypes during the development of a product, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Raw machining, before hand polishing (to remove tool marks). Note the stings are not visible from top, yet the grill is removable: magic!

Solid aluminum top. One of the many custom parts: aluminum, stainless steel, steel, alloy, rubber, circuits boards…”