Erzetich Audio introduces the all-new (3500 EUR) Medousa fully-balanced hybrid headphone amplifier. "Whether it be the pleasure of revisiting old recordings or the bliss of letting yourself go to the strums of rock, Medusa is the go-to amplifier when the urge to rediscover and reconnect with your music takes over your system. Crafted in a sleek stainless steel chassis and artificially aged wooden sides, Medousa is elegant at first glance. However, its true sophistication lies on the inside."

Medousa contains a gain stage, including a high-quality double triode valve tube, which can be upgraded to an even more sophisticated equivalent if you wish. The gain stage is being followed by a solid-state current buffer. Moreover, four mono-block modules maximize the symmetry between all four of its channels. As in all our amplifiers, Medousa adapts to the load whether you use low or high-impedance headphones. That is to say, that power remains almost the same.

Additionally, thanks to Medousa’s linearity that reaches way over the hearing range, your music will have depth and will be transformed into a fresher, vibrant sound.

Furthermore, while optimal performance comes from using the amplifier in a fully-balanced mode, the versatility of Medousa allows you to use an unbalanced input and/or output, according to your needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Headphone impedance: 8-600 ohm
  • Frequency response: 3 Hz-145 kHz, -1dB
  • Output power (per channel): 335 mW (8 ohm), 326 mW (600 ohm)
  • Power consumption: 17 W
  • Power supply input voltage: 230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 300 mm x 110 mm x 335 mm
  • Weight: 4800 g
  • Character: Deep, wide and fun, slightly bright