Hora Audio COCO all Horn Speaker System from Japan is finally ready for the market. Sound moves the air and transmits itself to our bodies. A daily natural phenomenon that occurs unconsciously. Elders learned naturally and developed a technique called "horn" to deliver sound more efficiently to the ears. The idea was used in megaphones and musical instruments and later applied to audio speakers. COCO is a speaker that uses horn technology across the board. It is a rare and classic style in modern products, but the natural sound is very soft and pleasant. Gentle, sometimes powerful, and the powerful movement of the air is like a "wind". Why not listen to music so that you can experience nature?

COCO was inspired by the idea of a horn floating lightly in the air. The shape, composed of several polygons, gives the impression of a single "architecture" or "organism" in which lines and surfaces interweave. The tweeter horn, body, and stand, independent of each other by thin columns, effectively control the vibration of the sound, and the excess vibration is transferred to the ground by the four points of contact of the spikes. All design decisions are directly related to sound production.