BOENICKE audio first commercially available electronics product says “Hi!” to the world! Learn more about the BOENICKE audio all new P1 power amplifier.



  • 300 W into 8 Ohms
  • Mechanically tuned Powersoft amplifier module
  • Chord Company Shawline AC power cord directly soldered in (10% silver solder), no screwed or plugged contacts!
  • 3 LessLoss newest generation Firewall filters in AC input
  • Custom – made AC softstart module on FR2 circuit board, trimmed to exact resonator length
  • Bybee Small GOLD Slipstream Quantum Purifier filters in the audio input
  • 3 proprietary resonators installed (16-cm parallel spiral resonator, 16-cm series spiral resonator, new 2 cm series resonator)
  • ETI Research RCA input sockets
  • LessLoss internal cotton-covered wiring
  • Black Ravioli Small Pads feet
  • High-End, orientation optimised Refine Audio fuse installed with unique contact enhancing agent
  • Solid walnut backplate. No, aluminum does not sound the same.