The latest product from Technical Brain is the TBC-Zero / c fully balanced, zero-feedback solid-state preamplifier with a built-in MC phono stage that implements Technical Brain's newly developed "flat amplifier" circuit and a newly developed MC dedicated phono equalizer.

Two modes of operation can be selected: Pure DC mode with full DC gain and Auto-Zero Mode with automatic offset zeroing function for easy operation.

Flat amplifier section

The circuit of the flat amplifier section adopts a newly developed circuit (1-stage gain + emitter follower), which aims at broadband and low distortion and reduces the high-frequency time constant, and the flat amplifier circuit (2-stage gain) of Technical Brain conventional model. + compared to the emitter follower), we have achieved a more natural and clear sound quality.

Servo circuit

By applying Technical Brain original differential servo method (servo is applied by the difference between input and output) to both the phono equalizer circuit and the "flat amplifier" circuit, the coloration inherent in the servo by the amplifier of the general servo circuit method is eliminated. However, the complete DC amplifier is realized, which ensures stability while maintaining clear sound quality.

Initial Offset Voltage Display and Adjustment Circuitry

The initial offset voltage display and adjustment circuit visualizes the positive and negative DC offset voltage of the phono equalizer circuit with LEDs and also displays the direction of rotation of the semi-fixed resistor for adjustment.

  • Gain: 0Hz ~ 50kHz (±0.25dB)
  • Distortion: 20Hz ~ 100kHz 0.01%以下 (3V RMS BAL)