Aries Cerat Kassandra II Sig DAC unleashes the dynamic force like no other and is a daily partner in crime, takes no prisoners, tour de force evaluation assistant. What I find super exciting in this context is the arrival of the brand new Ianus Essentia amplifiers with TriodeFet technology, which will allow me further explore the unique handling of the system gain of Aries Cerat. Essentia consists of only one TriodeFet stage, which is directly fed and used as a simple SE amplifier. The triode-like transfer curves of the TriodeFet translates to the sound of a real SOTA SE tube amplifier, but with the output of a much higher current. Kassandra has a 30Vpp output at 0db, and so much gain is an utmost demanding task for any preamplifier. Most of the preamps are just not designed to handle this kind of impact. But once it has found its happy place, the result is simply breathtaking. 

The smaller mono amplifiers from the Aries Cerat Ianus Series are sent around the globe and I'm practicing my patience by trying to keep the enthusiasm bottled. Well, it's not exactly working :). I share the emotions of Stavros Danos, on how being excited is an understatement!