Von Schweikert Audio dealer Spotlight:  "The Audio Company installed this stunning system a little while back but recently visited to deliver and setup new equipment just before the holidays. The Audio Company exemplifies what we look for from our VSA dealers.  They have several sound rooms with a wide range of products to suite any budget so people can audition the components they're interested in.  The team at TAC also has a tremendous amount of knowledge about all the products they carry and specialize in building systems with components that synergize.  But most importantly to us, they care about the satisfaction of their customers and demonstrate it by personably installing every component they sell as well as providing complete post-sales service."

"If you're in the market for new audio equipment and live near Atlanta, Georgia, we recommend giving them a call and seeing how they can assist you.  You can thank us later 😉.

This system includes incredible components from manufacturers like Valve Amplification Company, Critical Mass Systems, MasterBuilt Audio and Aurender - Official to name a few.

As for the speaker placement, we can already hear the keys clacking about how it couldn't possibly sound good.  Well, you would be correct IF these were your common run-of-the-mill loudspeakers with all the setup limitations one expects.  But not these speakers.  The ULTRA 55 is the newest model in our award winning ULTRA series and incorporates an integrated booster amp along with an entirely passive network that gives you the best of both worlds; lifelike sound reproduction with the ability to get flat bass response even in the most trying of environments.

Even though these loudspeakers have no rear boundary reinforcement, they have all the tight, deep bass authority you could want from a reference loudspeaker.  The ULTRA 55 technology enables this visually striking room to be sonically sensational as well.

Our design team works very hard to solve the many challenges of recreating the live event in your sound room, allowing you to simply enjoy the music."