Hand-built in Dynaudio factory in Skanderborg, Denmark, from beginning to end, each of the 2500 pairs of Heritage Special is individually matched, individually numbered and individually inspected. The cabinets are made in Denmark and each panel is matched – the fronts, sides, tops and bottoms to each other, and then between the speakers in the pair – and then numbered before assembly so they can be kept together.

Next, the list strips (the thin veneers along the cabinet edges) are selected for the right colour tone and grain characteristics, matched to each other (and between each speaker pair) and numbered to sit with the panels.

Internal bracing is installed to ensure the cabinet is as rigid as possible, and there’s also a layer of heavy bitumen on the inside surfaces that helps minimise unwanted resonances even more.

Once they’re glued and clamped, they’re left to dry. Then, 24 hours later, they’re sanded to perfect smoothness and flatness. By hand. We take craftsmanship (and wood) seriously here at Dynaudio. Would you have it any other way?

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