A complete Totaldac electronic system driving Magico M6 speakers in the Totaldac auditorium, with and without the impedance matching box developed by Totaldac to flatten the impedance of the M6 speakers. The effect of the matching box would be higher when using a tube amplifier.

System components:

-d1-player running Roon

-d1-streamer in Roon-Ready mode

-Totaldac ethernet cable/filters


-d1-twelve-mk2 DAC with UP12 AES-EBU cables

-live-power power supply

-custom power filter and power distributor

-d1-driver monoblocs

-Amp-1 amplifier, stereo version

-another Amp-1 amplifier for a custom subwoofer installed at the back of the room

Two Schoeps omidirectional microphones are used at the listening place.

The DAC volume control is set to -4dB.

Find the 96khz/24 audio file and more recordings here: