The new Acoustic Revive LAN -QUADRANT-Triple C relies on an epochal structure in which the cable is completely divided into four parts for each application. The 4-split cable structure, which can be described as Category 9, completely eliminates interference between cables, reduces noise and distortion, and dramatically improve quality.

PC Triple C single wire conductor

LAN- QUADRANT -TripleC uses the world's first dedicated acoustic conductor PC -TripleC conductor with a single wire, in which the crystal structure in the horizontal direction in which the current flows is continuous through the forging process.

As can be seen from the fact that all commercially available LAN cables 10 m or more in length are made of a single wire, stranded conductors made by twisting thin wires produce a stray current known as " alien crosstalk" when transmitting over long distances and when transmitting ultra-high frequency components, the transmission is then not possible.

LAN- QUADRANT -TripleC realizes the ultimate LAN transmission by using the world's highest peak sound conductor PC -TripleC with a single wire with the thickness of the manufacturing limit.

Teflon is used for the conductor of LAN -QUADRANT-Triple C, which has excellent relative permittivity.

Relative permittivity is the ability to stop the current. The relative permittivity of vinyl chloride (PVC) used in many LAN cable insulation materials, including those of audio manufacturers, is as high as 5.6, but Teflon's relative permittivity is 2.2, which is less than half the value, and overwhelming transmission speed is realized. In addition, natural silk is used for the padding material, which prevents the generation of static electricity and realizes an organic and smooth sound quality, and it is divided into four parts by a PC -triple C braid, which does not generate any sonic habits and has excellent shielding characteristics in all bands. Each cable used has achieved an overwhelming quality.

Telegardner LAN connector and various continuity improvement processing

The LAN -QUADRANT-Triple C connector consists of the world's best Telegardner connector currently available in terms of reliability and sound quality, and the contact with the cable conductor is organically treated with ECI-50 contact conductor cleaner, suppressing the generation of static electricity. The sound quality has been thoroughly refined by processing with Guiyang stone, realizing a vivid sound and texture.