Audio Alto writes: “The AA O105 SL is a speaker system that is designed to be placed alongside the larger AA O105 system. AA O105 SL subwoofers are 10-inch units (in the AA O105, the 12-inch units). The full range unit is a 5-inch driver. The concept of the system is the same as the AA O105. The design of the AA O105 SL embraces the features of the AA O105 system into a smaller and more accessible system. We achieved this without major compromises. With a choice of special 10-inch subwoofers and special sandwich construction, the system is much lighter while maintaining rigidity. It is intended for use in slightly smaller spaces (up to 100 m2) but retains all the flexibility of layout and settings as AA O105. The system can be active or passive.” 

“The weight of each unit is quite low so the speaker system is flexible to set up, easy to position, and adjust. Moderate weight also facilitates internet orders and reduces transportation cost.”