The GEGO Cell was invented in the 1960s by the talented engineers Georges Poutot and Georges Gogny, and subsequently launched under the brand name Orthophase cell GEGO. "Our passion for it was a source of genuine joy and it has kept propelling us to work hard to bring it back to life after its production was permanently ended. We are thus paying tribute to the work of these two men who have made such a great contribution to the world of high-fidelity. The idea that formed the basis for our project from day 1 was to give our Orthophase Cell atb2g the exact same qualities as the original while using modern construction methods and building materials."

"This is how we set out to both revive an exceptional product and to give it a je-ne-sais-quoi of our own invention. 

We have had to persevere through - inevitable - setbacks. Yet it meant little compared to the amazing people we met on the way and above all the pleasure of fully dedicating ourselves to our passion for three years. 

It was deeply rewarding to be able to launch our first listening sessions in 2015 and ultimately share the fruit of our efforts! 


Today, we are proud to announce that our Cell is a FULL RANGE  Cell because it is similar to the original, both acoustically and technically. 

You decide ! To find out more about the Orthophase Cell atb2g, click on the link below and make an appointment to come and listen."

Technical features

  • cellules orthophase ATB2G
  • Maximum input power :
  • 3w (continuous), 10w (peak), depending on speaker load
  • bandwidth :
  • 2hz to 45 khz +/-2db from 200hz to 8khz 
  • impedance :
  • 0,25 ohms by cell 
  • Serial assemblies
  • 12/18/24 cells = (4/6,5/8ohms)
  • Distorsion : 
  • 1% 40x1000hz
  • Sensitivity :
  • 89/90db 1w /1m
  • Cell weight : 
  • 1300 gr
  • Weight of mobile element :
  • 1,3gr (membrane + coil)