The six things about the CH Precision 10 series you'd really like to know, but no-one seems to mention... 

1. Is the 10 Series a replacement for the existing 1 Series? 

No. The 10 Series is a new, flagship range that offers even more natural musical performance than the already impressive 1 Series. Given that the various 1 Series components are considered benchmark performers by many manufacturers, critics, and customers, that makes the 10 Series something very special indeed. 

2. Is the M10 Power Amp a Mono-bloc? 

Well — yes and no. Although the M10 Power Amplifier is a two-chassis design, it is a single amplifier. The massive power supply is housed in its own, separate enclosure, linked to the amplifier itself by a set of umbilical leads. Being a CH Precision design, every M10 Amplifier's output stage can be user configured for stereo, bi-amped, active bi-amped, high-current mono, or bridged mono operation. This allows the amplifier to adapt to and grow with your system, delivering optimum performance in a wide variety of different contexts and with a huge range of partnering equipment. 

3. Is the 10 Series modular and upgradable in the same way as the 1 Series? 

Again, the answer to this is both yes and no. In the 1 Series, the X1 external power supply is a universal upgrade, applicable to the digital components, phono-stage, and line-stage. Each X1 can be used to drive one or two components, while the components themselves can be configured as stereo or twin chassis — or even three chassis in the case of the C1 — for true monaural operation. That means that a P1 or L1 can be upgraded all the way from single box to four-box topology, a C1 from one box to five. Likewise, every 1 Series power amp offers a range of output topologies and can be user configured for stereo or mono operation. 

In the 10 Series, each component comes as standard with its own dedicated external power supply, optimized for its specific function. You can't buy the power supply separately or add it later. However, just as the M10 Power Amp offers the same configurable versatility as its 1 Series relations, the L10 can be upgraded to a four-box, true-monaural configuration. 

The 10 Series components follow the same modular, card-cage construction as the 1 Series, making them easily serviceable and updatable. So, for example, if you are running a four-box L10 and you want more inputs or outputs, you can simply add a second circuit board in the unused slot of each signal chassis (what we term Four-box Extended Configuration). Power amps can be ordered with one or two input cards, depending on your system topology and requirements. 

4. Can I actually buy the 10 series right now? 

You can order the 10 Series today, but current production is already committed for pre-orders, meaning that you will have to wait a little while to actually receive your amplifier(s). We are working hard to meet existing orders and hopefully, the delay will be much shorter soon. If you contact your local dealer/distributor, they will be able to give you an estimated current time. Once you commit to purchase. you will be allocated a production slot and projected delivery date. 

5. The 10 Series units look almost identical to the 1 Series: how does anybody know that I own the flagship products? 

We deliberately made the 10 Series similar in appearance and available in the same finish as the 1 Series so that customers can mix and match components from the two ranges. But we also wanted to make our most accomplished products stand out, so not only is the 10 Series available in three different colors — our classic pale grey. champagne gold and dark graphite grey — but users can specify the finish of their unit, mixing and matching chassis components and controls in any combination of those three colors that they choose. Do you fancy a champagne gold fascia with graphite casework and controls? Simply specify your preference with the order and we'll build it for you. 

6. How much do the 10 Series components cost? 

Prices vary with country. but the US dollar and Euro prices are as follows:- 

  • L10 Dual Monaural Line-Preamplifier S73.000 / €71.000 (two chassis) 
  • L10 Monaural Line-Preamplifier $126.000 / €122.000 (four chassis) 
  • M10 Stereo Power Amplifier  $93.000 / €91,000 (two chassis) 
  • M10 Monaural Power Amplifier   S176.000 / €172.000 (four chassis) 

All finishes or combinations of finishes cost the same.