Hifi Collective writes: "As customer search for the ultimate stepped attenuator that provides lots of control, as in lots of steps, featuring high-grade resistors, we have been asked to build up the amazing Elma A47 Jumbo switch furnished with the Audio Note Non-magnetic resistors, 0.5W on numerous occasions. The limiting factor for us has always been the lack of resistor values available for Audio Note. Now however after production of these leaded resistors are in full swing we are pleased to say we can now offer the 50K, 100K, and 250K shunt version. So if you are looking for an exceptionally transparent volume then look no further."

For the Series / Load / Input resistor we would supply the 0.5W Audio Note Non-magnetic Tantalum resistor. For the 50K version - 47K, 100K for the 100K version and 220K for the 250K version. These are the nearest values available, do not worry that the 50K and 250K versions are not exactly the same values, you really won't hear the difference. If you want to upgrade to a different type we would suggest you purchase these additionally. Also write in the comments box when ordering that you intend to change the Series resistor to the one purchased and we will refund you the value of the 2 off the 0.5W Audio Note Non-magnetic tantalum.

Available as a kit or fully built (an additional £50+vat fee). We strongly recommend you purchase fully built and tested. Any errors during the PCB population are almost impossible to rectify. Great care must be taken in reading the step numbers when fitting the resistors.

The stepped attenuator is available in the following impedances: 50K 100K and 250K. We also offer the mono version.

The Glasshouse Stereo Stepped Attenuator (Elma A47) can be used in conjunction with the Remote Control module, the Remote Audio PLUS with LIN Motor. Again due to the complex nature of set up we would do this for you. For more information on this please click HERE


  • 0.5W Shunt version
  • BODY (internal dimensions when fitted): width 62mm, height 42mm, depth 38mm (front to back)
  • BUSH: diameter 10mm, height 10mm
  • SHAFT: diameter 6mm, height 15mm

Price (1 off) available as 50K 100K and 250K

starts from £730.00 +vat+p&p