Silvercore new Current Hybrid amplifiers, build for use of the best vintage triodes : 2.5V, 4V and 5V and giving the end user without dedicated horn loudspeakers a chance to get moderate 16-18 watts ouptput from them ( in SET configuration it was anything from 1.2 watts, like with 205D tubes for example to 4 watts like with PX4, AD1, ED, etc.).

Amps are available in two versions: Std ones and Nanocrystaline OPTs superior builds. 

All silver wired through of course as it is a standard with Silvercore electronics. Customer has a choice of tubes which the amp will be made for of course.

Vintage tubes available with the premiuim builds only at extra cost, until Eldorado dries of course, we only have few pairs available. Call us for an info on prices and availability. 

Vintage variants of Ed, AD1, PX4s, PP3/250 available in highly limited quantities. This is a rear chance for proper Triode Aficionado to make his dream come true. 

As a teaser the snap of the Ed power amp in true copper chassis finish. G Point Audio favourite.