"Add Precision to your Low End with our Sub A125-M and Sub A225-M. More than just additional energy for the bass. The PSI Audio A125-M and A225-M are more than just subwoofers. Typically, subwoofers are designed to add energy to the low frequencies, so their main badges of “quality” are often considered to be their range and power. While these two values may be good indicators of some potential for bass reproduction, they completely fail to describe the accuracy of the playback. Even though subwoofers may be able to move a lot of air, the accurate timing of this air movement is neglected all too often. PSI Audio instead opted to develop precision speakers specialised for the bass spectrum, translating the trademark Swiss accuracy to the low end. The A125-M and A225-M do not just generate a bass rumble, they instead reproduce a low-frequency sound image true to the original source."

Precision low-frequency speakers for the whole range

The A125-M and A225-M are designed to perfectly complement the main speakers from PSI Audio. While they can easily be used with other brands as well, when used in conjunction with PSI Audio monitor speakers the frequency response remains linear throughout the entire spectrum, as the subwoofer’s upper frequency limit and the bass roll-off function integrated into all PSI Audio speakers suit each other seamlessly. It is part of the PSI Audio philosophy that all speakers adhere to the same linear sound aesthetic, making them easily combinable for larger setups like surround installations.

Bass fidelity from Switzerland

Like all PSI Audio products, the A125-M and A225-M are developed and manufactured by hand in the company’s own facilities in Switzerland. From the selection of the electronic components all the way to assembly and shipping, every step is handled by experienced specialists passionate about their creations. To ensure utmost accuracy, every single speaker is measured and calibrated in an anechoic chamber and comes with its own measuring protocol.

PSI Audio products are 100% analog and handmade with passion in Switzerland.