HRS writes: "The unique HRS system approach is based on two decades of product development guided by HRS listening tests and our customers experience. Our purpose-specific engineered products enable you to achieve superior musical performance for all component types and brands of audio equipment.  Each HRS Base Model {Et, R3X, S3, M3X2) can be set to either dissipate energy or isolate any component. 

"With the HRS approach you decide to use our chassis noise reduction products or optimize the system using the stock component. The decision to contact the component directly and reduce chassis noise is completely independent of the decision to isolate or dissipate energy to the structure.

"HRS provides the unique capability to dissipate energy for a solid-state amplifier, properly isolate a high-mass turntable, and use a different setting to properly isolate a lightweight DAC. The exact structural settings and complementary chassis noise reduction products can be easily changed at anytime to accommodate a different component, setup, or environment."