New Holborne hybrid integrated amplifier from Swiss

HOLBORNE is an outstanding Swiss hi-fi brand, named after the English renaissance composer of the same name. Meinrad Müller, a passionate musician and technician, founded the manufactory in 1987, and all by him developed equipment was in-house produced and delivered in limited quantities. Since 2020, Meinrad Müller cooperates for manufacturing and distribution with the Swiss audio expert HiFiction AG, so he can focus mainly on development and design. HOLBORNE amplifiers convince by their innovative inner workings, covered by durable and shapely casings. Neither mass nor size set the tone here, but reduction to the essentials, put into the service of high-quality music reproduction.

This integrated amplifier including phono-stage is the summit of decade-long experience in amplifier design und satisfies from the first note by its unbelievable harmonic musicality. By conviction, our amplifiers are developed with analogue sources exclusively, and for sonic reasons, we do not install any kind of microprocessor.

The HOLBORNE PASSION features our unique Tube/FET hybrid-technology, offering musical dynamics and richness of details never experienced in such a compact design before. It comes with an integrated phono-stage, either for MC- or MM-cartridges, musically matched to the entire concept. The overall gain is adjustable in a wide range to get the best match for different speaker concepts.



2x 70 Watt @ 8 Ohm




<0,1% @ 50 Watt

Frequency response:

20 Hz … 100 kHz

Line input:

4x RCA

*Phono input:

1x RCA, MM (+40 dB) or MC (+60 dB)

RIAA accuracy:

±0,5 dB


anodized, black or silver

Remote control:

power, source, volume

*Mains input:

230 / 115 VAC

Power consumption (off / standby / max.):

0 / 0,5 / 300 Watt

Dimension WxDxH:

430x330x105 mm


13 kg