The philosophy behind remastero is to reimagine what is possible with digital reproduction of music, extending way beyond the capability of DACs and hardware upsamplers, at the same time advancing the state of the art in software remastering and upsampling.

remastero's signal processing algorithms use a combination of proprietary windowing techniques that maximize signal reconstruction accuracy, carefully designed noise shapers that preserve small signals and impart an analog like quality, and of course our insanely long reconstruction filters that are individually optimized for each track being remastered. 

remastero also provides algorithms for transparent volume control, equalization, filtering high frequency noise, scaling and bit depth conversion.

While remastero's algorithms were mathematically derived and further optimized using simulations and measurements, they were voiced and refined through subjective listening by a group of audio enthusiasts who share a common passion for realistic and natural reproduction of music. 

At remastero, we strive to impart the qualities of a live rendition - connecting you to the original performance when it was recorded, teleporting you to the the stage, pulling you closer to the artists.