Rhapsody Listening Room update

Rhapsody.Audio would like to announce the latest addition to the Rhapsody Listening Room program. Jerry Yacobellis, Palm Desert, CA has been appointed the status of RLR- Palm Desert, CA. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jerry to our team. Jerry currently has the following equipment installed at his Palm Desert, CA RLR.

Taiko Audio Extreme/TAS/new usb card>>Pilium Elektra DAC>>Pilium Alexander Pre>>Pilium Achilles stereo amp>>Alsyvox Tintoretto X.

Jerry will be bringing in a pair of Diesis and Bayz speakers to the RLR in the near future.

The RLR program now has RLRs in the following locations:

  • Portland Orgegon (Bob Vineyard/BobVin)
  • Palm Desert, CA (Jerry Yacobellis)
  • Chicago (Jerry Barker)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (Chris Hesse)
  • NYC/Brooklyn (Bob Visintainer)
  • Long Island, NY (Patrick Davanzo)
  • West Palm Beach (Jakub Paszynin)
  • Miami (Socrates Roma)

We also have a full Pilium set up driving the M9s at the Magico factory showroom which is available to schedule at this time to schedule M9/Pilium demos.