Totaldac News April 2021, including new d100 speakers, new reclocker, new streamer, upgrade pricing policy, retail of other brands, Amp-1 power amplifier update, and d1 driver test.

A new reference speaker is now available. See here the d100 web page


-98dB @ 1m @ 2.83V even in bass thanks to two 12inch drivers
-2.5way: both 12inch drivers are producing bass but only the top driver is producing midrange as well
-bass cut-off: 25Hz at -6dB in room
-8ohm average impedance with smooth variations
-easy matching with any amplifier, including low power triodes
-constant directivity horn used only above 3.5KHz
-equally resolving from top to bottom
-most of the sound is coming from the top of the speaker, giving it a bookshelf speaker coherency
-drivers and crossover components from Western Europe manufacturers
-Neodymium bass driver with very high force
-custom made ultra fast bass/mid driver
-very extended treble 1 inch compression driver with organic dome
-crossover made of air coils and selected film capacitors only
-point to point wiring crossover, no PCB trace is used, only the component legs are used
-inductor for the bass made of 5mm2 copper wire
-crossover isolated in its own wooden enclosure
-Mundorf binding posts for any kind of banana and spade cables
-cabinet made of Baltic Birch Plywood, the best wood for speakers
-made in France
-width: 320mm
-depth: 470mm
-height: 1180mm
-weight: 45kg

These Youtube videos allow you to listen to the d100 speakers:

guitare recording
Paris-Istanbul recording
The Wall

New  reclocker

The d1-digital-mk2, the mk2 version of the reclocker is ready. The upgrade makes it sound even better than the original version, rejecting even better the incoming jitter of the source.

Among upgrades are:

-FPGA upgrade, with a lower jitter implementation. The volume control and the optional DSD to pcm conversion had to be removed to allow this new reclocker implementation, but the volume can still be controlled in the DAC, and the DAC will decode the DSD.

-an optimisation in the clock system

-a new custom RF shield to reject even more the jitter from the source

-the live-power to reject even more the noise from the mains network

Details here: reclocker mk2 web page

New  streamer

The d1-streamer-mk2 benefits from the upgrades of the d1-digital-mk2 reclocker but also from a new software, based on a real time operating system and very soon a software supporting Squeezelite will be released.

Squeezelite is a new sound output mode that you can use instead of RoonReady/RAAT in Roon and get an even better sound, still with the superb Roon interface.

Upgrade price policy

All Totaldac DACs can be upgraded to a higher end DAC. Many customers use this possibility, so they can upgrade their system without having to sell their previous DAC o the second hand market.

The reclocker and d1-streamer can also be upgraded to the mk2 grade.

The price of an upgrade is only 350euros extra to the price list difference between the original DAC and the higher end DAC.

Retail of other brands

Totaldac is also demo center and retailer for other brands:

-Magico speakers. The M6 model is available as demo speaker, and all other models are also available for sale.

-Echole cables. Speaker cables, interconnects and power cords are used in the reference system. Some demo units are also available for sale.

Amp-1 power amplifier update

The Amp-1 amplifier is now recognized among the best amplifiers, see for example this reference system in the USA based on Rockport Lyra speakers. The Totaldac Amp-1, monobloc version, have been tested and chosen after many ultra high end amplifiers had been used (and costing several times more than the Amp-1).

This system uses also a Totaldac d1-twelve-mk2 DAC and a pair of d1-drivers.

d1-driver test

Three recordings have been made to allow you to listen to the sound upgrade when the d1-driver is inserted in a system:

Mozart piano Youtube video
Christmas song Youtube video
Drum solo Youtube video

A customer made the same type of test but using a DCS DAC:
with d1-driver: