On the 8th anniversary of the company's founding, KBL Sound announces a new flagship series: Himalaya II. Maintained in a black and white minimalist aesthetic, this series offers a new standard of the highest quality/price ratio. The entire line of Himalaya II cables will include power, speaker, and signal cables for analog, digital, and phono connections. Himalaya II embodies the company's basic maxim which is to use the simplest design solutions using the highest quality materials. All this to avoid the mechanical nature of the sound by minimizing power and signal transmission losses.

First, we present a power cable with traditionally used monocrystalline copper conductors, protected against oxidation, the insulator is Teflon. Compared to its predecessor from the Himalaya series, several changes have been introduced. In the Himalaya II power cable, all three conductors are physically separated from each other to minimize the mutual influence of the magnetic fields generated by the current flowing through them. The vibration absorption coefficient inside the cable has been significantly improved thanks to tunnel damping. Finally, exotic high-end plugs have been used: Furutech Fi-48 NCF with their piezoceramic nanotechnology and many advanced patents. Standard cable length 1.8 m, other lengths on request. Versions with Furutech Fi-48 US type plugs and with IEC C19 plug for high-current devices are available.