Stenheim writes: "Brings the exceptional quality of its world-renowned Reference Ultime speakers, to smaller spaces and a more affordable price point. Conceived and built entirely in Switzerland, our new Reference Ultime Two speaker offers the proven design approach, components and materials used so successfully in our flagship Reference Ultime model, in a product that’s easier to accommodate and easier to afford."

The Reference Ultime Two cabinet is slightly shorter and shallower than the other Reference enclosures, but shares their massive aluminium construction, separate chambers for the crossover and each driver, sophisticated internal bracing and constrained layer damping.

The five, high-efficiency, forward-facing drivers are drawn directly from the existing Reference models, but with the bass drivers adapted to match the new cabinets and low-frequency loading. Arranged in a classic d’Appolito array. They are seamlessly blended by an advanced and adaptable passive crossover that is exactingly voiced from exhaustively selected audiophile components. The filter network offers subtle user adjustments for room compensation as well as as two different input topologies, with bi-wire and bi-amp.

Pleasing proportions reflect a speaker that is as elegant on the inside as it is on the outside. Where some engineers concentrate on technology and some designers focus on the sensory, at Stenheim we understand the relationship between the physical and the subjective, reproduction and appreciation. We combine established techniques and new technology, musical sensibilities and classical design considerations to create a product and performance that lasts.

With the Reference Ultime Two speakers, you will rediscover the sense – and sensation – of live music. Hear the vivid colours and vibrant energy as they reveal the structure and beauty in the composition, the musician’s sensitivity and emotional response to its demands. At last, performance that honors the performance, a listening experience that captures the energy and atmosphere of a concert, the enthusiasm of an audience. Reference Ultime Two – everything the Reference name stands for, but in a more manageable and more accessible form.


  • • High-sensitivityReferenceUltimeloudspeakersystem
  • • Fulld’Appolitoarraywith2x12”woofers,2x61⁄2”
  • midrange and 1x 25mm tweeter
  • • Massivealuminiumcabinetwithsixindependent,internalchambers
  • • Sealedchambersforeachmidrange,thetweeterandcrossover
  • • Separatebasschambersloadedwithrear-facinglaminarflowports
  • • Passivethree-waycrossover,usingaudiophilegrade
  • components, sealed in an airtight chamber
  • • Frequencyresponse:25Hzto35kHz
  • • Sensitivity:95dB,halfspace
  • • Powerhandling:400WRMS,800Wpeak
  • • Minimumrecommendedamplifierpower:30W
  • • Nominalimpedance:4Ω
  • • Dimensions:H1535mmxW368mmxD505mm
  • • Weight:231Kgeach
  • • Warranty:5years
  • • Price/pair:$150,000USD