The Totaldac d2-core is an active two-way crossover. This means that you can, for example, use one amplifier for the bass and another amplifier for the midrange/treble. It is often used for 3-way systems where the bass is driven directly (no passive crossover) and the mid/high only has the passive crossover between the mid and high.

It is also often used to drive a high-quality passive subwoofer, mono or stereo. The d2-core has the same sound as the d1-core, but with 4 channels instead of 2.

The crossovers are fully adjustable with 1Hz step and with 6dB/Oct, 12dB/oct, or 18dB/oct slopes. Digital delays are also available, which would be almost impossible with analog technology.

All these crossovers are implemented in the 69-bit heart of the DAC. The Totaldac volume control remains the master volume control and the bass or mid/treble level can be adjusted independently.

The d3-core is also available, for full 3-way systems or more.

These crossovers can also be fitted with the streamer board, giving you the total functions up to the DAC (hence the name Total-DAC):

  • -Streamer
  • -digital active crossover
  • -DAC
  • -volume control (preamplifier)