Cryo-Max Bearings - an upgraded version of Stacore highly successful roller bearings, found in their top-of-the-line Stacore Advanced platform and intermediate level Roller platform. New bearings feature a different stainless-steel composition and are deep hardened in a cryogenic process. 

Both the upper racing and the bearing cup. Cryogenic treatment is performed in liquid nitrogen, instantly freezing the steel to the temperature of almost -300F (-150C). This facilitates a buildup of a hard-crystalline structure, which results in the improvement of virtually all bearing parameters. 

Cryo-Max bearings are harder and stronger, allowing for a max load of 176 lbs. vs 143 lbs. of our standard bearings. At the same time, the improved crystalline structure gives them more elasticity, resulting in a better, more precise handling of micro-vibrations. This translates into an improved sonic performance as more of the unwanted vibrations are isolated from the audio equipment. 

Finally, Cryo-Max bearings are more resistant to wear and tear, securing top-notch performance for many years even under the heaviest loads. New bearings can be ordered with both Stacore Advanced and Stacore Roller models.