Absolute Sounds writes: "Music is an important part of our lives. It can inspire and motivate us to do better,  achieve more even prolong our lives. Robert Koch, the owner and founder of Robert Koda - a brand that makes high-end luxury audio components for refined music lovers, took some time out to tell me about how he started his business from scratch and what inspires his creativity."

About Absolute Sounds

International High-End Audio Distributors and Consultants Matching the highest quality Music systems for Ultimate performance in the comfort of your home since 1976. 

Absolute Sounds represents Robert Koda brand in the UK and in Portugal.

About Robert Koda

The company is based in Sizuoka, Japan and was established in 2008 as Robert Koda LLC in 2008.

The Philosophy.

Our brand exists because we have something uniquely special and timeless to offer serious music lovers. Our values are one of truth in the spirit of music as in business. Our customers are the commissioners of each amplifier and are therefore of great importance to us.

The Producer.

While it is true that Robert worked under the guise of the legendary Hiroyasu Kondo of Audio Note (Kondo) Japan in Tokyo, Robert is actually self-trained and an independently motivated creator of audio electronics.