Analog Domain writes: "The preamplifier is at the heart of any audio setup. It is a critical component in the system, as its role is to faithfully control volume and provide a clean, consistent driving signal to power amplifiers, without degrading sound quality or allowing interference from connected or external sources. The (59'500 EUR) P1 Reference preamplifier is a state of the art, all analog, audio component, designed for ultimate performance and longevity. Its technical specifications exceed by a significant margin anything available today, and sets the bar high for upcoming future products." 

The P1 will accommodate a total of nine sources, including two recorders.

As with all our products, the sophistication is hidden behind a straightforward user interface, allowing one to quickly become familiar with the product.

Each input has its own dedicated, low noise, adjustable gain, input stage, allowing the levels of various sources to be equalized prior to volume control. The P1 will accommodate sources and recorders with either RCA or XLR connectors. Recording source selection is independent for each recorder, and from playback source, providing maximum flexibility. The output level for recording is matched to each recorders’ set sensitivity. If recorders are not present in the setup, the “Tape” inputs can be used as regular line inputs. 

Finally, a third pair of RCA connectors provide a mono mix of the output, for feeding one or two subwoofers. The output mix is unfiltered. 

The P1 will be available from October. 

A custom remote control will be available with the P1 Reference.

P1 Reference preamplifier:

  • 4x RCA line inputs, 3x XLR-F line inputs, 2x XLR-F + 2xRCA Tape In, 2x XLR-M + 2xRCA Tape out, 2x3.5mm Trigger Out jacks for controlling downstream devices, 12V 50mA max output. Gain selection on all inputs for matching the levels of connected sources.
  • IEC C14 Power inlet w/line filter. Thermal circuit breaker. 230V/115V user-selectable, will work with mains voltages 100-240VAC. Finishing options: mirror chrome, gold chrome, rose gold chrome, black mirror chrome, black matt. Built to order ONLY.
  • Warranty: 10 years parts & labor. Dimensions: 440(w) x 440(d) x 135(h), mm. Net weight ca. 25kg. Packaging: flight case. Power cord not included!