Noble & Noble writes: "Every now and then something out of the ordinary comes along; enter the world’s first seven-sided speaker system: The Nobilis Sonum 98, from Noble & Noble with love, the preferred choice of a new generation, the streaming generation." 

Our motto: Once you’ve heard the best there is no need to listen to the rest.

The 7th side, why?

- Because it is an integral part of the design of the Noble & Noble speaker system. Put simply: without it the speaker system would not have seen the light of day.

Why is it an integral part?

It is an integral part if only for having realized these two achievements: - To cancel most of the Cone Surround Distortion by using an Inert Ring which is elegantly incorporated into the 7th side.

- To decouple the tweeter by using the 7th side, again.

Bonus: The world’s first resonance-free (6-sided) cabinet!

What will be the result?

- The result will be that unwanted mechanical resonances can not and will not occur. It’s as simple as that. Now, you too will be able to be submerged into all the emotions music can give us.

What will be the benefits:

- Sound wise: Now, when playing your favorite music, you will put a smile on your face and you may even get tears in your eyes, tears of joy. FYI, the engineering design was done by Mr. Rob Meijst, the best kept secret in loudspeaker design circles.

- Visually: All Noble & Noble speaker systems ooze, thanks to the standard infinite black color with matte finish and the modest visual design itself, a chic and luxurious appearance. FYI, the exquisite visual design was done by Mr. Roderick Vos, interior designer par excellence.

For all technical benefits please visit this page: https://www.noble-, including YouTube videos!

Six sound reasons to buy a Noble & Noble speaker system:

1. Hassle-free and Plug & Play.

2. The WAF.

3. A complete and full integration = a speaker system.

4. Acoustical Fidelity.

5. Upgrades made easy.

6. Less expensive.

Suggested Retail Price of the Nobilis Sonum 98: € 19,888.88 per pair.