The Heretic Loudspeaker Co. A612 speakers look like an antique, and in many ways, they are very similar to speakers from the '40s and '50s, but what looks like a rough opening (a ductless port ) is precisely calculated and executed to tune the enclosure over a very wide bandwidth, unlike modern "reflex" tunings which generally have different behavior. The A612 can and should be placed against the wall, and driven by a superlative system. 

Each pair of each model is unique, with its finish and detail. Each pair is documented with high-resolution images and carries a price tag and location. The visual documentation shows in great detail the specifics of each pair, much like pictures in an auction catalog.

The model in the picture A612 (12-inch coax) will sell for 6.5kUSD / pair (shipping inbox, worldwide). That's something considering the sensitivity (97 dB), dynamic range (up to 600 W), and bandwidth (35 - 23 000 Hz, half-space).