Weiss has just updated the Series 5 units (DAC501 / DAC502 / DSP501 / DSP502) with the latest software and patented Loudness Equalizer which improves sonic characteristics at selectable listening levels between 60dB and 105dB. In addition, there is the enhanced Headphone Equalizer for the wide range of Audeze headphones. You can choose your Audeze headphone model and enjoy listening to it even more than before.

This graph shows an example of the frequency response compensation equalizer provided by Audeze.

The Loudness Equalizer is a premier implementation of a patented design by Mr. Bernhard Schwede. It does not adhere to the commonly used Fletcher-Munson frequency responses but uses a completely new approach with incredible results. 

The new software can be downloaded free of charge to your unit via the web interface.

Advantages of our Series 5

  • If you do not yet own a Series 5 unit consider the following advantages of using one:
  • Roon Ready
  • D/A Converter and D/D Converter versions available. The latter is used with a separate D/A Converter you may already own.
  • Excellent sounding D/A Converter with a stellar review by John Atkinson in Stereophile.
  • Numerous top notch signal processing algorithms for room correction and sound enhancements.
  • Headphone section