McIntosh has always been a part of the journey. From the formative sonic moments in history, to the first time we all heard "that song" as it was truly meant to be heard, McIntosh equipment has guided music makers and music lovers alike through the never-ending quest to find their sound. The sound that moves them. The sound that quintessentially expresses who they are and what they want to say. Since 1949, McIntosh’s ultimate-quality and fully customizable sound systems have consistently pushed boundaries to channel pure, unadulterated sound. Timed as we are all finally re-entering the world, the unveiling of this new guiding principle for the brand is a celebration of that journey and McIntosh's long-standing role of cutting through the noise and clearing a path so that others can find their way – in this case, back to each other and back to truly embracing the connecting power of music.  

The first iteration of this campaign, voiced by the inimitable Bob Weir, explores the genesis of sound and its role throughout history while subtly incorporating McIntosh branding in a way that is true to the spirit of the campaign and the role that we hope the brand will play in our customers' journeys to find their sound. Flashes of McIntosh's iconic products seamlessly mix and mingle with powerful imagery and a soundtrack that only McIntosh could do justice to, showing up with a subtle confidence that says, "We’re here. We’ve always been here (since the beginning of modern sound reproduction, that is). And we’ll always be here."