Spindr writes: "We will start production of the update for your original Thorens TD-124 player in a limited first edition. The original mechanism, motor and serial number will be re-used, so your iconic player will keep its beloved soul, and stay Idler-driven. Only 21 players will be hand-build in the Netherlands in this edition, 9 players in the 9 inch version and 12 in the 12 inch version. 

The upgrade includes: 

  • Integrated heavy deck and plinth, machined from a solid aluminum block, soft coated on the inside
  • Oversized bronze heavy platter, coated in black
  • Cast Iron, nickel plated motor mount on an aluminum baseplate, fully detached from the deck
  • Motor overhaul by a well-known Garrard and Thorens specialist
  • Spindr’s conical cast iron, nickel plated bearing housing and matching spindle with low friction coating
  • Hidden deep in the bearing is a vibration absorber, our player's best kept secret up till now
  • Wooden board for your tonearm
  • For our strobe we generate an independent 50 Hz frequency, so that it always flashes at a constant and fixed frequency
  • Dampening feet supporting the plinth


The 21 limited editions include:

  • Your specific player will be personalized by having your name engraved
  • Each of the players will have a specific color, to be chosen by you
  • Aluminum anodized turntable platter mat
  • Matching 124 record puck
  • The player will be delivered in an exclusive flight case
  • The build of your unique player will be documented, and a photobook will be included in the case