As requested, here is complete info about the GOTO horn-based ultra-high-end audio system set up by Le Kim Thach (KT -Audio) in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Audio source: 

- Digital: Esoteric K-01x CD player

- Analog: Micro Seiki. Seiki RX-5000 turntable, Kondo GE -1 phono preamp 

Active Crossover: 

-Active 5-way tube crossover - TAC5 from KT -Audio 

Multi-way amplifier system from KT -Audio: 

- Low bass: 20 - 80Hz 211 PSE Monoblock

- Mid-bass: 80 - 250Hz 211 PSE Monoblock

- mid-bass: 250 - 1250Hz 211 SE integrated

- mid-high: 1250 - 800Hz VT25 PSE integrated

- high frequency range: 8000 - 20000Hz VT25 PSE integrated 

Speaker System:

- Low bass: Goto SG38W x 4, in Onken enclosure. 

- midbass: Goto SG38WN x 2, in wooden horn

- Mid-bass: Goto 5880 BE, horn S-150

- Mid Treble: Goto 370DX- BE, Horn S-500

- Super tweeter: ALE 1750BE 

The music is reproduced delicately, naturally, and with high dynamics.