Modern Audio has released the album in Crystal Disc, UHQCD, HQCD, and now UHQLP. UHQLP stands for Ultimate Hi Quality vinyl LP. Half-speed mastering and One-step processing together are utilized for the first time ever to produce an LP record.  The former results in vinyl reproduction have an excellent high-frequency response and very stable stereo imaging.  The latter process ensures the lowest surface noise and more musical detail and dynamics. As a result, UHQLP is a vinyl LP faithfully made to the original master source. 

Fung Hang Record (FHR), established 56 years ago, has compiled a best selection from the different record companies and produced this world's first 33 1/3rpm UHQLP (Ultimate Hi Quality vinyl LP).

Side A consists of 1 track of Chinese traditional music and 3 tracks of songs.  The recordings of all these tracks were took place in a church with area of 540 square meters in Hong Kong.  Todd Garfunkle (the boss of MA Recordings) and Terence Lai were the recording engineers.  In order to capture the nature ambience and acoustics, original one-point recording technique was used to record the performance by singers and musicians in live directly to the format of DSD 1bit 5.6Mega hz.  

Side B features studio recording in multi-tracking.  Track 1, 2 and 4 were recorded and remastered digitally; track 3 and 5 were done at least 43 years ago in analog to the 1/4" openreel tapes in 15 ips and remastered to DSD 1 bit 5.6MHz.

All tracks selected were sent to Abbey Road Studios for half-speed mastering and then one-step processing was carried out at the factory to produce this UHQLP which has characteristics of super silence, greater dynamic, better imaging and more musical!

Abbey Road Studios

Half-speed mastering done by award winning engineer Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios in the UK.

Half-Speed Mastering

The cutting lathe running at half-speed (the original being 33 1/3 rpm or 45 rpm) enables the cutting stylus twice as much time to carve the most intricate of grooves. All the difficult, top end frequencies inherently become relatively easy to cut mid range frequencies. This results in vinyl reproduction that in real time, has excellent high frequency response and very stable stereo imaging.

One-Step Processing

Less is more! Instead of the standard three-step lacquer plating process, UHQLP only uses “One-Step”. In “One-Step” the Father stamper (the very first stamper plated from the lacquer) is utilized to press the vinyl record. This process ensures the lowest surface noise and more musical detail and dynamics.

UHQLP - Pressed with High-Quality Control

UHQLP is pressed on virgin vinyl with the newest generation, German-made pressing machine, under the supervision of AQCD Technology Company. With the help of an advanced German controlling system, time duration, pressure and temperature are critically set and strictly controlled. UHQLP is a vinyl LP faithfully made to the original master source.