The Consequence Series encompasses the most advanced cables in the offer of Audiomica Laboratory. They are made of an OCC N7 copper conductor and PTFE dielectric. Moreover, plugs are rhodium-plated in a two-stage galvanization process. All Consequence cables are screened in a Multi-Shields system; unique braids of different densities are applied to provide full protection against external influences. The cables are hand-manufactured and tested for electrical correctness in our laboratory. 

The consequence series has been designed for the most advanced and uncompromising systems Audio. The Miamen Consequence speaker cable is made of 12 helical twisted multi-conductor wires is build of 45 polished micro-conductors. The Allbit power cord`s conductive weave consists of eight numbered conductors, 3mm² each. The cable is screened in a Double Screening System along with a multi-wire braid (100% coverage), which protects the cable from the magnetic field. I should mention that the Allbit Consequence power cord was sent without their TFCT filter option. Also worthy of notion, the Pearl Consequence RCA interconnects use just two 1.4mm OCC solid-core conductors.