Avantgarde Acoustic writes: "30 years of passion and pursuit of perfection. How it all began in 1991. Holger Fromme, founder, and CEO of Avantgarde Acoustic GmbH has been enthusiastic about hi-fi and music since his youth. When he first heard horn speakers, he was so enthusiastic about the extraordinary sound that he wanted to develop his own, even better horn, speakers. 

In his parent s' garden, in the Odenwald, he manufactured the first prototype of an Avantgarde Acoustic Horn Speaker from a plaster model in 1989; the first TRIO Classico. In his studies, he meets developer Matthias Ruff, who takes over the technical development of the speakers. Together they had presented the first avantgarde Acoustic speakers at international trade fairs, which had an outstanding positive response. Holger Fromme founded Avantgarde Acoustic GmbH in 1991.

Since then, we have been manufacturing high-end speakers and amplifiers in Hesse Odenwald for music-and hi-fi-enthusiastic customers from all over the world.

The iconic TRIO design has been distinctive and timelessly elegant since 1991.

The sculptural character is created by striking and at the same time purist design elements. Materials of the highest quality blend together into a harmonious and exciting form of clear lines and gentle roundings, with seemingly floating horns.

This is how a unique design and sound object - craftsmanship for eyes and ears - is beautiful to fall in love with."