In this article, Estelon shares interesting insights into their production and what makes them and their products different and unique.  

2021 is Estelon’s year!

By expanding in new markets around the globe (from the USA and Brazil, all the way to Australia and New Zealand), and by adding three more prestigious awards to the very many titles the brand has garnered over the last decade, Estelon’s 10th anniversary is the biggest milestone for the Nordic company. 

Estelon’s state-of-the-art factory located in Tallinn, Estonia, utilizes the most advanced techniques. All Estelon products are built from the inside-out. The shape is a result of decades of engineering and experience in creating the best technical and acoustical conditions for music reproduction. Estelon loudspeakers are engineered and hand-made to the highest standards in the industry.

The commitment to excellence is present in every stage of the fine-tuned production process, whether it is the product design or the careful selection of components. During the manufacturing and assembly process, each component part is carefully chosen and repeatedly checked until there is confidence that it meets the best quality for a perfect result. Every element and its characteristics play a crucial role in delivering the purest sounds imaginable.

The Enclosure

Estelon has pioneered the use of marble composite in loudspeaker design. Alfred Vassilkov (Co-Founder & Chief Designer at Estelon) built the first marble-based composite enclosure back in 2008. This enclosure is the ideal platform for high-performance loudspeakers with no discernible colouration, allowing the drivers to operate with the utmost clarity and dynamics. All Estelon speakers’ cabinets are built using this proprietary marble-based composite material, as it allows the creation of the perfect form and shape of the speaker. The specific materials, along with the unique shape, eliminate any extra internal resonances and diffractions so the sound is pure and natural. Each cabinet requires countless hours to be produced by master craftsmen. The finishing techniques of the speakers come from the automotive industry, which makes the coating very durable. The finishing is handcrafted and consists of up to 12 layers of automotive grade paint and lacquer. 

The Drivers

Estelon has built strong relationships with top quality suppliers who provide the best components such as the drivers, based on Alfred Vassilkov’s set requirements. This philosophy offers the best of both worlds, the Estelon’s proprietary design with the drivers’ manufacturers’ know-how. Most Estelon loudspeakers use drivers from the German company Thiel & Partner (Accuton), which are fine-tuned to Estelon’s’ specifications. They have been producing and distributing high-quality drivers made of stiff membrane materials such as ceramics, CVD-diamond and aluminium since 1994. The Estelon YB model is using driver elements from SEAS (Norway) and Scan-Speak (Denmark).

The Crossovers

Alfred Vassilkov himself designs a custom crossover for every precisely matched pair of speakers. Many hours of R&D and real-world listening tests have been conducted for each crossover design and its related parts, right down to the physical placement of every part and its positioning within the cabinet. The crossover components have been chosen from among the absolute best available, and the synergy of the end result has been a significant deciding factor. Careful measuring ensures the match-up of perfect pairs. Custom transformer-core coils, OFC (oxygen-free copper) air-core coils, supercapacitor type capacitors and wire-wound resistors of the finest quality are used. In order to achieve the highest degree of micro-detail fidelity, the filter components are connected directly, via point-to-point techniques, all hand-soldered with the shortest possible cable runs between drivers, crossover and binding posts. All internal cabling is from the renowned cable manufacturer Kubala-Sosna. 

Each speaker is meticulously hand finished and inspected by skilled craftspeople. Every process requires strict attention to product inspection so we can ensure repeated quality and accurate parts.

“After years of research I ended up developing the Estelon speakers using the best components and I managed to combine the ultimate performance with the most luxurious aesthetics that could fit in real-life living rooms and interiors without compromising the reproduction quality. This is also why our speakers’ design was developed through the engineering process.” - Alfred Vassilkov