The new SOULNOTE M-3 mono amplifier is coming. Here are the sneak peek photos and the first information. Soulnote M-3 features a non-NFB Type-R circuit with XLR inputs only and a massive 1500VA toroidal transformer. The designer envisions it as a high-quality single-push pull with a relatively small output power of about 160W 2Ω / 80W 4Ω / 40W 8Ω. It is a board that can be considered for a parallel push-pull of 320W 2Ω / 160W 4Ω / 80W 8Ω. 

The left side of this illustration is the front panel. The SOULNOTE logo can be seen on the side panel. The toroidal transformer weighs 10kg!

In the photo shown, the left side is the A-2 power transformer and the right side is the M-3 power transformer.

The height is 220 mm, the width is 340 mm and the depth is 460 mm.

Planned release 2022.