Innuos, manufacturer of high-fidelity music players, is thrilled to announce the official rollout of their much-anticipated Operating System, the innuOS 2.0 as well as the launch of the brand’s proprietary control app, the Innuos Sense, is now complete and available for all Innuos MKII and Mk3 servers and streamers, as well as all other Powered by innuOS devices. 

InnuOS 2.0 represents a profound change on both the UI and the backend of the music servers and allows complete Music Library playback and management through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Controlled by the Innuos Sense App or through any web browser, navigating your music collection is now more intuitive and responsive, offering a premium experience whether you are ripping CDs, creating playlists, importing files, or exploring streaming services.

innuOS 2.0 and Innuos Sense App was developed by Innuos’ internal software development team and uses Innuos’ unique UI technology, that leverages the most out of the platform. innuOS 2.0 optimizes the app to work exclusively with the brand’s music servers and streamers and offer the following benefits:

Fast, intuitive and easy to use - It offers one place to browse, play and manage your entire music library. It's sleek and responsive allowing you to immerse yourself in what matters most – your music.

Seamless across local, streaming and internet radio - It offers an integrated way to browse all your music, combining your music library, internet radio and streaming services.

Explore your music and discover new ones - Capability to fully explore your music library allowing you to discover related artists, albums, and the ability to see albums of the same artist while searching a specific track/album.

Create or edit your Playlists - With the innuOS 2.0 upgrade a completely new Playlist engine has been implemented allowing a simpler platform to create and maintain your own playlists while listening to music. A main focus for Innuos while developing 2.0 was to ensure ease of use where you can instantly add any music from your local library, internet radio, and streaming service to your playlist as well as, easily move a track from one playlist to another allowing you to easily curate your own music library.

Powerful Smart Search – Innuos developed an intelligent search engine that works across all music-related content, from track titles to radio stations, playlists to genres – you can even use multiple terms such as adding year of release to refine your search. innuOS 2.0 also provides another powerful tool, especially for those with big libraries, that allows you to quickly filter albums by selecting which sources, qualities, genres or other tags you want to list.

Improved Sound Quality - Compared to innuOS 1x, mainly due to the closer integration with the hardware and new UI technology.

The ALL NEW Innuos Sense app is the gateway into Innuos’ music servers and streamers and all your favourite music.

As a bonus, the Innuos Sense app is also FREE and available for download for all iOS and Android users.

Innuos is reinforcing its software development team and wants to continue developing innuOS based on customer feedback. With that in mind, Innuos has launched its very own Feedback Zone which users can access here:

Upon registration, users can 1) propose new features; 2) check on known issues and 3) vote for the most relevant features you want to see next. Most recently, one of the most voted features – sorting Albums by Artist Name and not only by Album Title was just incorporated in the new 2.0.6 update recently released.

Check what’s coming up and what was just released in the change log on the Innuos Feedback Zone and stay tuned to Inn-Sights, the Innuos blog on where you are kept informed of all updates and developments in the Innuos world.

Innuos ZEN MKI Trade-In Program


“As proud as we are of this launch, we couldn’t leave behind our trusted fans who have been with us from the beginning. As such, we are so pleased to introduce the ZEN Mk1 Trade-In Program for all of our early adopters who want to experience the innuOS 2.0 platform,’’ said Nuno Vitorino, CTO and co-owner of Innuos.

From now until the 31st of December 2021, customers will be able trade-in their existing MKI units and receive a discount on an upgrade to any of the ZEN MK3 Series (ZENmini, ZEN, ZENith) or STATEMENT Music Servers. The Trade-in Program will offer a 10% discount for any MKI trade-in for the ZENmini Music Server, and a 15% discount toward the purchase of a ZEN, ZENith, or STATEMENT Music Server, respectively.


Innuos are Digital Audio specialists who develop High-Fidelity Digital Music Players that are transforming the way we listen to music. Every nuance and detail is revealed, allowing you to experience your music like never before. Enjoy your own library of CDs and high resolutions files, and access all the content in the world through streaming services and internet radio – all at your fingertips through an exceedingly simple user interface on your mobile device.