Albedo Audio writes: "The new "Axcentia Diamond" sets a higher level of acoustic performance. It was the occasion to refine our philosophy of true sound so we took on the challenge of rethinking the project in its entirety. We care about increasing the purity, transparency, dynamics, and maximum resolution of the original sound, trying to avoid any cause of added alterations or distortions."

!To achieve this, we have eliminated the PCB cards that could cause interference or losses, for this reason, we have also totally redesigned the circuit to simplify it and this has allowed us to eliminate any unnecessary contact or soldering during the passage of the audio signal to guarantee its maximum possible purity so that in this way the crossover components are welded directly to each other thanks to a stable mechanical contact, an improved version of the old technique of point-to-point wiring.

And therefore, we have used new components of better quality, such as coils with lower parasitic resistance, higher-level Mundorf capacitors, higher power Mundord anti-inductive resistors and, to get the most out of the diamond tweeter, we have dared to use the best capacitors Mundorf has never used: SILVER GOLD OIL capacitors.