Bayz Audio writes: "After the US, Japan and China, BAYZ also lands in the UK. We are pleased to announce that BAYZ Audio speakers will be available for audition at this year’s UK AUDIO SHOW on 9-10 October in Daventry."

"The event has deservedly aroused considerable interest among British audiophiles and specialist journalists as we have not been able to show off our products during the last 2 years in the UK due to the pandemic. So we can safely say that this event will be the debut of our speakers at this point on the globe." We are also honored to have the opportunity to present our speakers in the Chester Suite in conjunction with the products of world-renowned CHORD ELECTRONICS.

You will be able to listen to the Counterpoint 2.0 Carbon and Courante 2.0 with the following electronics:
  • Dave DAC with his own stand with the Choral Stand
  • Ultima Pre 2 preamp
  • 2 x Ultima 3 mono power amplifier
  • Source - Innuos

We would also like to take this opportunity to start building our dealer / distributor network in the UK. Therefore, in addition to hi-fi enthusiasts, we would also like high-end audio entrepreneurs to pay us a visit who are interested in the BAYZ Audio ( brand. For preliminary information or to arrange an appointment, please contact us via the following email address -

We will also be present at another major event on our tour of the UK. The RREC (Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club - has rewarded the outstanding technical and design content of our speakers by inviting us to their gathering this year to be held on 9 October. At this event, we will have the opportunity to exhibit our speakers with vehicles with a long history and great prestige, such as ROLLS-ROYCE and BENTLEY. We are proud to wear the RREC badge this year.

We look forward to listening to music and chatting together!"

BAYZ Audio Team