More information about Entreq Olympus Hero ground box new ground box. New materials, new technology, new construction. These boxes are like Swiss Army knives. The five Olympus Infinity T in a Hero are housed in a vibration-damped oak box made from the same three-layer material it's used for the Athena rack and Magma feet.  

You can either use the boxes individually and connect an Eartha cable to each cell, grounding all your cables and devices to one cell. Or you can connect 2, 3, or 4 cells using T-Links. Hero also includes a Cleanus in the vibration dampened box.

  • Plug it into outlets and you get the same effect as with a separate Cleanus. 
  • Olympus Hero contains 5 separate Olympus T-boxes and one Cleanus.
  • Size: W36 x D49 x H50 
  • Weight: 60 kg