Kharma International writes: "Did you know the Elegance loudspeakers come in standard and signature versions? The Elegance Signature versions have a different treatment upon several levels of excellence...  

  • Kharma Omega-7 driver: For the midrange section, the Kharma Composite Driver in the standard version is interchanged with the Kharma Omega-7 driver in the Signature version. This Omega-7 driver is based on Ultra High Modulus carbon fibers. The use of these ultra-stiff carbon fibers and a unique resin, together with a proprietary production process, displaces the break-up frequencies of the cone, in comparison with the Kharma Composite driver, to an even more refined level of excellence.
  • Enhanced damping: The acoustical damping of the cabinet is enhanced to better absorb all energy trapped inside the loudspeaker in a wide frequency range.
  • Enhanced internal wiring: The cross-sectional conductive area of the internal wiring is increased to have a more refined signal transmission between the crossover and the drivers.
  • Vibration-reducing compound: The crossover and bass pipe on the backplate of the Elegance are treated with a special compound to bring mechanical vibration to an absolute minimum.