Lorenzo Audio Labs writes: "An unsuitable audio rack can spoil the sound of a very good hi-fi system, which is a situation more common than you can imagine. Our obsession with offering the highest sound quality forces us to anticipate and solve every possible issue within our audio system." 

From our perspective, an audio rack that offers negative resonances (especially metallic) is not acceptable. For this reason, and as the perfect match for the electronics that power our speakers, we present our Lorenzo ART DECO audio furniture.

Lorenzo ART DECO is designed with the minimum metallic elements possible. We use certified materials with superior performance to manufacture the most exclusive, advanced audio products on the market.

Lorenzo ART DECO offers the most neutral, pure sound with an elegant, refined look you will love. From any point of view, Lorenzo ART DECO audio furniture surpasses every expectation, and transcends any comparison.


  • The sides are manufactured from phenolic birch plywood (61mm thick).
  • Teflon bushings are reinforced with fiberglass and covered with elastomer, which houses the structural screws joining the sides of the rack with the shelves.
  • The shelves are made of Panzerholz solid wood (40mm thick).
  • The height of each shelf is adjustable.
  • Solid steel feet are designed in-house, with a lower piece from Panzerholz to remove vibrations that come from the floor.
  • 40 + 40 mm double-thick upper shelf. The upper part is made of solid Panzerholz (40mm thick) and the lower part (which houses the structural joining elements) is made of phenolic birch plywood (40mm thick), both joined with elastomer in restricted layer. This provides absolute insulation of the upper part, which is dedicated to housing turntables or other sound sources that are more sensitive to vibrations.
  • All parts that make up the rack are covered with natural wood veneer, rigorously selected for its beauty and durability, and 100% handcrafted by a fourth-generation craftsman whose family has worked since 1888 with traditional techniques that have become legendary.
  • Removable side covers with magnetic fastening, which hide the side screws holding the shelves. You may choose whether you prefer visible or hidden screws.
  • Decorative side logos made of aluminum, with red mother-of-pearl inlays, bonded with elastomer. All with zero influence on the sound.
  • LORENZO’s name written on the top shelf in mother-of-pearl hand-inlaid, letter by letter.