KNOSTI writes: "For record lovers worldwide, KNOSTI Disco-Antistat is synonymous with solid and affordable record washing machines made in Germany. With the new Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic, KNOSTI is taking a completely new approach and, after two years of development, is advancing into the upper class with its first automatic washing machine!" 

The record washing machine Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic combines over 40 years of experience in maintenance and cleaning of records with highly developed, state-of-the-art cleaning technology. A combination of ultrasonic cleaning and the proven goat hair brush system ensures gentle, groove-deep cleaning and a clearly audible improvement in the sound.

The focus of the development was not only on the effectiveness of the cleaning, but also on the most intuitive operation, short processing time and low noise level during operation. As usual, both the development and the production of the new washing device are realised by KNOSTI in Germany.

Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic will be available in stores from October 2021 for € 1249,00.