Parks Audio Puffin is an affordable phono preamp with numerous features and settings such as twenty gain settings from -4dB (CD) to 72dB (MC) with 40dB (MM) default setting, over 500 adjustable phono settings for LPs and 78s, cartridge's azimuth setting, tilt, air, treble, bass, and bass boost setting, volume control with cueing mute, etc. 


  • NEW! MAGIC gently attenuates your records pops and clicks making your LPs sound better than ever 
  • NEW! Adjust your cartridge's azimuth for better stereo and mono 
  • Dial in your sound using Tilt, Air, Treble, Bass, and BassBoost 
  • Twenty gain settings from -4dB (CD) to 72dB (MC) w/ 40dB (MM) default 
  • Over 500 adjustable phono settings for LPs and 78s 
  • Volume control with cueing mute 
  • Modes are Stereo, Mono, Left and Right 
  • Apply transfer functions like tube (2H) and tape (3H) 
  • Recall default settings (CD, MM, MC) and save your own 
  • Traditional analog inputs and outputs (RCA type) 
  • Suggested initial settings for many cartridges 
  • Mod your Puffin with a digital coax output (SPDIF)