Throughout my high-end audio journey, I have owned more than thirty different 300B tube amplifiers, monoblocks, headphone preamps. The various designs have fetched me more than just destroying a few pairs of the original Western Electric 300B tubes, for which I would probably buy a nice car today :). 


But hey, the journey is often more exciting and adventurous than the final destination :). 

Fast forward about 20 years and here it is... Thrax Audio's Ultimate 300B preamp. I have been thinking about trying it out since it debuted, and now it's finally here. 

Oh my! Nothing prepared me for this kind of impact. A fully balanced 300B preamp at the cutting edge of 21st-century technology. 

Yes, all the familiar 300B qualities that any 300B aficionado will recognize, and the same attributes that have always excited me are unmistakably present, but that's not all. 

The foundation of the Thrax Libra starts with its high flexibility, input gain adjustment, etc. But even more important is the pristine sound in the complete absence of any kind of saturation or tonal coloration. The Thrax Audio Libra preamp delivers music with a rare reverence and without artificial glare. 

This is the first sum up, but what an initial impact.