Eikon Audio writes: "Stop by the Lincoln room at Capitol Audio Fest and listen to our two new systems, the IMAGE.5 and the FRS.  Both systems include the Eikontrol, which provides a DAC, Wavelet room control and an active 4-way crossover.   Your choice $12,000 for either system.  All you need to add is a source."  

The IMAGE.5 is a active bookshelf size speaker that plays an honest 32hz at 92db with active dynamic filter to control the bass at higher volumes.  This means with some music it will limit the bass at high volumes, but with other songs that don't have really deep bass it will not have any affect on the frequency response.   It is amazing what can be done using the powerful DSP in the Eikontrol.

The FRS is our new full range active speaker designed using what we learned building the IMAGE1 in a less exotic package.  Like all Eikon systems it plays great bass, with a wide sound field and precise imaging.  We kept the performance as close to the IMAGE1 as possible while providing outstanding value. 

Both of these systems will be displayed with the prototype Eikontrol2 which will be a Roon Endpoint and Bluetooth capable.

See you at the Capitol Audio Fest, November 5th, 6th and 7th.